Italian AEB Kegs

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The Industry Standard

New, 5 gallon Stainless Steel Keg for Homebrew. These are the top of the line soda style keg on the market. They are made in Italy by AEB. They have been manufacturing these kegs in Italy since 1989 and their focus is on top notch quality.  As always, we include an additional set of Orings so you always have a spare set!

High Quality Comfort

You don’t always plan on moving your homebrew kegs around, but it’s nice to be able to move them around comfortably when need be. These high quality, AEB 5 Gallon Kegs include dual rubber handles to help you from killing your hands!

Sometimes Size Matters

Not everyone brews in larger batches and not everyone has the same amount of fridge space in their kegerator. These 2.5 & 3 gallon kegs are still the same high quality as the 5 gallon AEB kegs are but are a smaller volume for those of us not needing larger canisters. They’re great too for taking your homebrew with you on the go AND also come with a free extra set of O-Rings.

Special Sales Pricing

For a very limited time, enjoy special pricing on EVERY NEW AEB Keg that we sell!